How to go about choosing an International Plug Adaptor


Do you plan on taking a trip someplace soon? Would you rather not be inconvenienced by the bother of getting new chargers? If your answer to either or both of the above questions is yes, then this article contains just the right solution for you.

What is an international plug adaptor?

There are over 15 types of wall sockets in the world. That is quite a lot and might have you wondering why it is so when they all perform the same function. Rather than following the US wall socket pattern, some other countries came up with a plug pattern of their own. As a result, a charger head that works in China might not have a socket in France. That is indeed an issue. You do not need to consider getting several chargers for every trip. An international plug adaptor is just what you need.

An international plug adaptor or travel adaptor is a device that allows you to charge your devices in countries with different plugs, voltage, and current. Rather than convert voltage, an adaptor adapts your device to the configuration of the power outlet.

Factors to consider when buying an international plug adaptor

  • Voltage: Voltage varies from country to country. Therefore, in getting a travel adaptor, you need to consider the voltage in the country you decide to visit.
  • The number of pins: In selecting an adaptor, you need to confirm its plug configuration. For example, if you were taking a trip to India, you would need an adaptor with either a type C, D, or M. You also have to consider the number of pins the adaptor can take. As the chargers of higher devices such as MacBooks have a three-pin charger, you should look out for this.
  • Location of the store: If you are purchasing your international plug adaptor from a physical store, you need to be mindful of the location of the store you choose. You would not want to buy your adaptor from a store with no competition and high delivery fees. When you decide to buy from such stores, you end up paying double.
  • The number of devices available: If you are traveling with others or have several devices, your choice of an adaptor has to accommodate the number of available devices. While some travel adaptors have just one USB outlet, others might have up to four. These USB outlets do not include the main AC socket of the adaptor.
  • Research: Before deciding on a particular brand of adaptateur to purchase, you need to know more about it. One way you can do this is by reading product reviews. If that is too tedious, you could always ask someone with more experience using international plug adaptors.

Final thoughts

Only some international plug adaptors suit your needs out of several models. You might not need more than one, however, so this article has been the ultimate guide you need in picking that one international plug adaptor. Instead of stressing over keeping your devices charged for every trip to a different country, get an international plug adaptor and let that take care of your charging issues.


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