How To Tell If Your Laptop Needs A New Battery


Laptops are arguably the best invention following the traditional computer. A significant part of the functionality of a laptop is the battery. Most, if not all, laptops feature batteries PC portable. Therefore, a malfunctioning laptop battery could keep you from efficiently using your machine. In this post, we discuss laptop replacement batteries and when you should get them.

How do you know if you need a replacement laptop battery?

Below are some indicators that you need a new battery for your machine;

1. If your machine shuts down constantly

One of the easiest ways to tell if your laptop battery needs to be replaced is if your device keeps shutting down constantly. This only happens if the battery does not hold on to charge appropriately. Other times, it becomes the case if your laptop battery does not hold a charge at all. This is a problem that you cannot resolve unless you get a new battery.

However, before you spend your money on a new battery, it would help if you contacted a professional to tell you for sure if the battery is the problem. Sometimes, there is a more severe problem with other machine components that could be causing the constant shutdowns.

2. If your laptop consumes charge irregularly

Sometimes, you may notice that your laptop battery will go from 70 percent to 25 percent in a minute. This situation is called unstable battery consumption. It is a clear indication that you need to get a replacement laptop battery.

3. If the battery does not charge

You also know you need a new laptop battery if your laptop does not charge. Sometimes, you will see the charging signal, but the percentage doesn’t change no matter how long you charge the battery. Other times, your laptop will not even display the charging icon. Sometimes, the issue is not that your laptop does not charge completely. The issue can be that your machine charges slowly. For instance, it may take several hours to get a complete change. Typically, a laptop should take a maximum of a couple of hours to charge to completion. In some instances, after taking a long time to charge, the battery discharges quite fast.

You also need a new laptop battery if:

  • Your battery life reduces
  • Your battery swells

Benefits of getting a new laptop battery

Getting a new battery can help resolve the issues mentioned above. Other benefits of getting a new laptop battery are:

  • Increased battery life/time– the most natural benefit of getting a new laptop battery is to increase your battery life. This means that you will be able to use your machine for a more prolonged time. Also, you do not need to keep your laptop plugged when using it.
  • Better battery consumption– getting a new laptop battery also resolves unstable battery consumption and allows you to use the device for longer.
  • Increased safety– using a bad or spoilt laptop battery, especially if it is a lithium-ion battery, could be hazardous.


Getting a new battery for your laptop will help you restore its original working condition. However, it is worth mentioning that sometimes, you may have to visit a professional for assistance since the battery could not be the only cause for the issues named above.


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