How to use your scarce FUT coins to the Maximum


Smart people who enjoy games know the importance of virtual currency and the effect of its availability on personal progress in the game. You are probably here because you are one of them. Finding answers to big game questions has never been easier. You might be wondering how to buy futcoins for yourself, or what you even need them for. Just keep reading.

Buying Futcoins or Earning?

The first thing you want to keep in mind is that it is always better to earn coins. The game has been built for your pleasure and earning coins is part of that supposed pleasure intended for you to enjoy. Earning FUT coins can be achieved by participating in various game events. You could buy players in the transfer market or even sell players. If you choose not to buy or sell players, there are other items that you can trade in the transfer market.

EA has it as a point of caution that buying coins from a third party is illegal and against the rules. Coin distribution is also deemed illegal. Anyone who participates in promotion of buying from a third party or distribution of coins are also considered guilty and will be penalized with the same severity. People who engage in this act will be banned permanently from EA.

How Not To Use Coins

It is natural to want to help a friend out sometime, maybe with just a few coins for specific purposes. But it is still against the EA law. It is seen as coin a distribution that is against the rule. So sending FUT coins to your friend is not the best way to be friendly.

Sending FUT coins through the FUT transfer market to or from any player is also breaking the law. So a better way to get those FUT coins is to get them legitimately.

Those who involve in completing or assisting to buy FUT items with the intent of transferring coins to or from any account instead of acquiring an item to add to your club to play with, will be penalized.

Some sites or players might offer you coin to subscribe. You should not engage in any such transactions. It is against the rules.

Some people also have multiple accounts. Sending coins and other items to your main account is also against the rule.

So How Do You Earn?

One way is to play matches in the ultimate team. This is a very good way to earn coins as it also gives you an edge in player experience.

It is also important to complete squad building challenges. Some may have coin rewards attached to them. They help build your squad ability and serves as a form of team practice.


You could also engage in selling players for a fair price on the transfer market. The coins will keep coming as long as you keep engaging in these game activities. These are safe and approved ways to earn coins without any illegal deeds.

The goal of enjoying the good games could be ruined by one mistake. It is good to get your facts right and act accordingly. Earn as much as you can and enjoy your blissful experience.


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