New Logitech wireless headset, colorful gaming peripherals seek mass appeal


Given the changing nature of work, study, and gaming hastened by the
global pandemic, Logitech is adapting to the times with its new Color Collection of peripherals. While the Gaming Collection — which includes important gaming accessories like a wireless headset, keyboard, and mouse — still delivers on the features and functionality that gamers desire, including RGB backlighting, it makes these accessories more appealing beyond the gamer audience that traditionally ha been drawn to the brand.

By adding options like whimsical microphone covers and colorful head
straps, Logitech has essentially transformed the humble gaming headset
into a customized accessory that can be fun for remote school sessions, casual Zoom calls, and more.

“As gaming becomes a bigger part of pop culture, personal expression and style have become a huge part of a gamers’ identity,” said Logitech G General Manager Ujesh Desai. “With that in mind, we set out to design a collection of high-performance gaming gear in a fun and colorful way.”

The star of the show is Logitech’s G733 Lightspeed wireless headset, which comes in a traditional black or white colorway, with dual-layer memory foam earpads. This peripheral can be customized with reversible suspension headbands and fun mic booms. And though these changes will definitely expand the G733’s appeal among different demographics of gamers, the mic booms can also make this a fun choice for back-to-school, given that many schools are turning to remote education this fall.


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