What Are The Different Types Of Smartwatches In The Market?


While in the market for a smartwatch, you will notice that there are different types. The different types of smartwatches have various functions as well as specifications. For example, the watch 3 specifications include WIFI connectivity that is not present in a simple smartwatch. Thus, this article aims to educate you on the different types of smartwatches in the market.

The different types of smartwatches in the market

1. Simple smartwatch

The simple smartwatches are, as the name suggests, simple. They do not have much in the functionality department. Their primary work is to display the date and time. The simple smartwatch also has a timer, stopwatch, and alarm clock. Additionally, it can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connections allow for the notification of incoming calls and messages. The best merit of the simple smartwatch is that it has a battery that has a lifespan that can last for months.

2. Fitness smartwatches

Fitness smartwatches are developed solely for athletes and people interested in tracking their workout sessions. The fitness smartwatch is usually slim in design. The slim design ensures the watch does not distract one from a workout. Furthermore, the watch is made comfortable by the inclusion of materials such as plastic or aluminum that are lighter than stainless steel. Also, for swimmers, the watch is made waterproof to protect it from damage in the water.

3. Hybrid smartwatches

Hybrid smartwatches resemble traditional watches, but they work like a smartwatch. The hybrid smartwatch lacks a touch screen, but they use the hour and minute hands to notify of incoming phone notifications. Furthermore, the hybrid watch can connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth. Thus, a hybrid smartwatch puts together analog watches with technological sophistication.

4. Phone function smartwatches

The phone function smartwatches have the same components as a classic smartwatch. The only difference between the two is that the phone function smartwatches play the same role as a smartphone. It means that they do not need to be connected to smartphones for them to work effectively. Therefore, they have a sim card that enables them to connect to the internet to surf and download apps. The phone function smartwatches are developed using the LTE smartphone technology. 

The critical point to note is that the smartwatch cannot be used in a smartphone as its screen size is small. The small screen can make operations tiresome. Furthermore, its battery power has one-day battery life.

5. Budget smartwatches

Budget smartwatches are very affordable. They cost as little as $50. The affordability of the budget smartwatch means that the smartwatch has limited features and functions. The budget smartwatch tracks daily fitness goals like the number of steps done, it also receives phone notifications, but it cannot install and uninstall apps. The limited functions ensure that the smartwatch battery has a long battery life that can last weeks without constantly charging it.

6. All in one smartwatch

The all-in-one smartwatch performs all the smartwatch functions, like health tracking, fitness tracking, telling dates and times, and many more.


The many smartwatches in the market may make it difficult in choosing what to buy. Furthermore, they also serve different purposes. Therefore, while purchasing a smartwatch, ensure to get one that will perform the functions you need and have all the necessary features.


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